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                People Oriented ? Externalrecommend,to cultivate ? With The Director
                People Oriented:Weinsist on humane managementthought,is the staffas awhole personalityto treat.In fact,experience,position,ability differencesare minor,"Wen said there has,specialize in",in the character,everyone is equal,if there ishigh under division,but also because ofmoral character,ability,rather than the post.Therefore,for every one of ourstaffprovides an equaland harmoniousworking environment.Pay attention to personnelincentive,we not only focus onnon economicincentives,such asperfect performance evaluationsystem,self development,job flexibility,promotion,praise andaffirmation,the opportunity to exchange,participation in decision makingand so on,also attaches great importance toeconomicincentives,such as general managerincentive fund,specifically for theincentive hasspecial contributionthe invention creation,hasthestaff,becausein a certain sense,moneylegitimate income,not onlyto improvethe quality of life of people,but alsoreflect the peopleof their own values,moreis an indicator ofpeople to thesociety to make contributionmorewidows.Therefore,the perfectsalarysystem,bonus(monthlyaward,annual award),all kinds ofinsurance,paid vacation,holidaywelfare,labor protectionproducts such asquarterwithoutbecomingwemotivate talent,retaining talent is the key factorto attracttalent,but also the company./div>
                External recommend, to cultivate ? With The Director:In the strategic planning of talent, we adhere to the strategic policy of "cited in outside education". Specifically, the introduction of talent in the company, we according to the short and long term strategic goals, formulate corresponding short and long-term use plan, and according to the different formulation with the post, post responsibility requirements, according to the requirements of the introduction of high-quality talents; any one company to must through the training, assessment system after the inauguration, we constantly cultural education and skill education, business to employee, make the enterprise values throughout, enabling employees to keep highly consistent with the company in understanding; imparting professional knowledge to the staff at the same time, we also pay great attention to help employees to improve their comprehensive quality, each year the company will take part in management positions, using public competition mechanism of competition. Will send some personnel to participate in a variety of vocational training, and even sent abroad, learn foreign advanced technology, so that the employee's strengths into full play.
                The company to rapid development,itdepends on thecooperationof all its employeesdepartedspiritandunremitting efforts tostruggle,you are invited to join,let us work togethertodo poineering work the two timeswrote a brilliant chapterof the company!