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                Quanzhou Tietong Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. from its inception has gone through 16 years of ups and downs, from initial exploration to the present specialized technology research and development, group management, we have gone through a period with blood and sweat, with struggle of the road paved with technology and innovation. We thank the community for the strong support and selfless affection to our company, thanks for our staff hard working! Thanks to everybody worked hard together with tietong electronic cooperative team.
                After ten years of development, we have an honor "National Hi-Tech Enterprise", "National Torch Plan Main High-tech Enterprise", "Innovative Demonstration Enterprises in Fujian province," "Intellectual Property Advantages of Fujian Province" "Railways wireless communication Equipment Professional Development Units", " wireless communications Industry in Fujian Province Spark Science and Technology Center ,"our company always adhere to the "people-oriented, technology innovation, quality and efficient, honest and trustworthy" business philosophy, making the company confident in a market economy environment, motivated the opportunities and challenges of the environment . Adhere to the "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation" Let us continue to bold step, adhere to the "quality and efficient, honest and trustworthy" Let us have realized dedication, careful seriously. With these two points, they tie down the growth of roots, found a development path. It makes everyone with humanity in life and work, the wisdom of Emmanuel, to our partners and our as one hundred times more confidence to meet the future. This is our wealth, our values, but also we offer our customers a high quality product power and conviction.
                Quanzhou Tietong Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in March 1997, when the registered capital of only 2.03 million, rented through the Old Town is located in Quanzhou Electronic Instrument Factory Lane of 4500 square meters of the old factory, mainly engaged in train dispatching communication system development and production and sales of ancillary equipment / engineering parts, electronic measurement instruments and oil analysis instruments and other electronic products. But after 16 years, now Quanzhou Tietong Group, which owns Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., Taihao Kang Electronic Technology (Fujian) Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Quan Guang electronics Technology Co., Ltd., Quanzhou tietong Electronic System Engineering Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Quantong Network Systems Engineering Co., Ltd., Quanzhou City Star Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing WAYNE Datacom Technologies Limited. The past five years, the company achieved a qualitative leap, industrial output and sales growth, has undertaken the development of the national Torch Program 2, the State Torch Program projects a national key new product projects 4, the state of science and technology SME Innovation Fund Project 7, Fujian science and technology projects 5, Fujian Province SME Innovation Fund Project of 3, Quanzhou Technology Plan 4, the company's technology project won the 2012 Paris International Exposition Gold 1, Germany Nuremberg invention is an International Exhibition Award, International Invention Exhibition Gold 4, China Exhibition invention Gold 9 / Silver 4, National Entrepreneurship Award invention a national prize a worker inventions, Fujian Province technological progress second 3 / prize two, Fujian outstanding new product award two, six cross-strait trade unions innovation prize awards / Silver 3, Quanzhou Technology Progress Award 2 / second prize 2.
                Excellent idea stems from the excellent culture, respect for people is the essence of tietong electronic corporate culture. But to create fair competition and meritocracy system, is to support the development of the core business. We are willing to provide our young people excellent working environment and fully display their talent, ability and political integrity of the people to realize the value of life, and jointly promote greater development of tietong electronics.
                Work prudence seriously ,treats people with tolerance and honesty, the pursuit of innovation and development ,it is the basic of tietong electronic need do . we will continue our efforts to continuously pursue first-class quality and service, and create a warm and sincere cooperation team. We sincerely welcome all friends to visit tietong electronics, and seek common development, create brilliant!