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                Production Workshop
                The company production base is located in quanzhou licheng jiangnan electronic information industrial garden, has a building area of 15000 square meters of standard factory building , research and development office and living facilities.
                Production Equipment
                Company production base is equipped with machining, welding, modulation, examines four production workshop, has eight automated assembly lines and five automatic detection line, as well as a variety of inspection and test equipment, instruments and equipment more than 60 units.
                Operation Model
                The company is established according to law Co.,LTD., The restructuring was founded, always adhere to the “people-oriented ,professional dedication, scientific and technological innovation and competition for , hand in hand and win-win” business philosophy, advocating management innovation, technology innovation and institution innovation, formed a complete set of technical innovation system, and establish a perfect quality management system. Because the company belongs to the science and technology research and development enterprise, the quality of employees and professional degree is generally high, praise highly humanized management, timely adopted staff’s rationalization suggestions. At the same time, enterprise continuously improve and perfect modern management system, establish a modern enterprise management system, perfect and improve the operational mechanism, promote the standardization of the company’s management level, in strict accordance with the ISO19000-2000 standard quality management system to control every working process to ensure product quality, adhere to the “quality win” business management policy, business get rapid development, and achieved remarkable results.