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                WHKJ trains warehousing detector
                1, An overview of the
                WHKJ trains warehousing detector (hereinafter referred to as the trains library inspection station) set in the locomotives library inspection work area, through the wireless way of wireless LieDiao trains, equipment work is normal, and simplify the operation, improve the equipment maintenance rate.
                This equipment adopts the way of wireless data transmission, and the locomotive radio unified numbering. By manual loading and unloading test scheduling command sending or receiving trains, number information to start the equipment start times trains, library inspection machine scheduling command sent by the way, the locomotive integrated device receives the command data and send the "auto reply" and "manual receipt" data frames. Trains, library check whether Taiwan will receive "trains, information", whether to send traffic order, whether to receive "autoresponder", whether to receive "manual receipt" and other automatic storage, the inspection results for unified management, consulting, printing, so as to realize the automation of number of trains communication equipment test.
                3, The main function
                With manual testing and automatic testing function;
                Loading and unloading test with locomotive comprehensive device receives commands from time to tome acousto-optic hint function;
                Has the function of storage, display and print test results;
                Has the ability of storing information about more than 30 days;
                Computer software friendly interface, easy to operate.
                4,Contour map
                4.1 train number library host appearance size and weight index
                Length x width x height: 295 * 230 * 120 mm
                Weight: not more than 10 ㎏
                3.2 equipment contour map