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                YN-9 automatic viscosity test
                1, product characteristics
                I plant developed by the YN - 9 type viscosity automatic tester, is based on the YN - 8 type on the further design of. The main features of this type of machine is on the valve Lu and software are improved, so that the oil sample can't pass electromagnetic valve and discharged directly into the waste liquid bottle, so you can test the high viscosity of the oil sample, can carry out timing and automatic calculation of sample viscosity. Completely solve the oil sample valve road blockage problem; with a large screen liquid crystal display, make the operation more simple, intuitive; beautiful appearance; the use of non-volatile devices preservation temperature compensation value and the test of historical records, so just a temperature on the temperature compensation point of the measured, overcome the original frequent proofreading more precisely, the thermostatic system adopts the PID control so that the temperature is more stable, measurement. The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, scientific research, measurement and other departments.
                This product is a high precision testing instruments for fully automated testing of Newton fluid viscosity, completely solve the man-made errors in measurement, high labor intensity of manual cleaning, drying of glass capillary, low productivity and damage of capillary problems, working process is fully automatic, namely: constant temperature, sample test, timing, alarm, cleaning, drying, print test results, automatic calculation of sample viscosity. The whole work process control by the micro computer, and fault identification, error message output and fault treatment ability.
                The instrument adopts the Ubbelohde capillary viscometer and improved Buchanan fenci Ke -- counterflow type viscometer, can be transparent to opaque black oil like liquid, and the automatic test; a machine can be four kinds of sample and testing, verification, the use of high efficiency, low operation cost; a person can perform multi machine operation, and can be connected with laboratory microcomputer system; wide measuring range, in line with the 265-88 standard and ASTM standard national standard GB/T D445.
                2, model composition and representative significance
                YN-- said the viscosity automatic tester 9-- representation model coefficient
                3, working conditions
                Power supply voltage: AC 220V + 10%, 50Hz + 1% frequency
                4, environmental conditions
                The temperature of the environment: -10 to 40 DEG C
                Relative humidity: 20% ~ 90%
                When the atmospheric pressure: 96KPa ~ 103KPa
                5, the main purpose and scope
                Applicable to all kinds of transparent and opaque or black liquid kinematic viscosity measurement, such as petroleum, chemical products etc..
                6, the main performance
                Suitable for all kinds of transparent and opaque or black liquid kinematic viscosity measurement, such as petroleum, chemical products etc..
                Instrument full automation, namely, automatic constant temperature, sampling test. Cleaning, drying, automatic calculation of sample viscosity automatic storage and print test results.
                High stability, high precision temperature control, constant temperature precision is + - 0.01 DEG, 0.01 DEG C display accuracy
                Wide temperature range, the temperature can be set to 120 degrees from 0 degrees of freedom
                The use of non-volatile devices preservation temperature compensation value of temperature point of the measured only once the temperature compensation, overcome the original frequent proofreading.
                High stability crystal oscillator with temperature compensation to - timing precision is high, the timing time is more accurate.
                Timing accuracy: 0.01 seconds, maximum time is 999.99 seconds.
                Capillary diameter: minimum diameter: 0.4mm, maximum diameter: 4.5mm.
                By Ubbelohde viscometer test process transformation can clearly be observed.
                Super large storage space can be as much as 800 groups of test data storage, and is provided with an automatic memory function, the test parameter settings (such as coefficient, temperature, constant temperature time, test set error, times of washing, drying times) the power is not lost.
                Having fault diagnosis, over temperature warning function.
                Valve control path to improve the cleaning solution dosage control properly, solves the problem of excessive fluid intake.
                Super large LCD display, make the operation more convenient, more visual display.
                It can ensure the test process must be carried out in a constant temperature stability under the condition of function - automatic temperature monitoring, artificial observation saves the boot after the constant temperature process takes the trouble, improve production efficiency (this function is optional)
                The instrument with four test units, each unit can be tested at the same time, can also be a separate action, measurement of flexible and diverse way, work every unit control independently, without mutual influence.
                Reasonable split structure of the vacuum pump is independent, so that the test process is not affected by vibration, test results are more stable.
                With RS-232 interface, and can communicate with the host computer, friendly man-machine interface, the host computer operation interface humanization timely tracking display crew work condition, and can test all records saved in the computer (upper computer is optional)