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                WND-201 automatically pour pour point tester
                1, product characteristics
                I plant developed by WND-201 automatic pour pour point tester based on GB/T510-83, GB/T3535-83 design, is my company following the viscosity after the new developed series of instrument, the instrument used for detecting the principle of light reflection, a beam of light beam to the surface of the sample to be tested on, when the sample is tilted, the solidification from liquid no reflection on solidification of different light, to test the change of the liquid level so as to achieve the purpose of detecting the pour point according to the recycled optical brightness. The whole machine is controlled by a microcomputer, the modern advanced technology in machinery, optics, electronics, and computer technology, can automatically pour / petroleum products pour point test (simultaneous detection of two), the instrument adopts the level advanced detection technology can detect small changes to the surface, when tested in the cooling process to ensure a uniform detection of success, so it can greatly shorten the test time, improve the test precision. Compressor refrigeration system to ensure the refrigeration depth requirements. The end of the experiment the automatic storage and print out the data, automatically restore the initial state.
                2, model composition and representative significance
                WND-- says automatically pour point tester
                201-- says the model coefficient
                3, working conditions
                Power supply voltage: AC 220V + 10%, 50Hz + 1% frequency
                4, environmental conditions
                Environment temperature: -10 to 40 DEG C
                Relative humidity: 20% ~ 90%
                When the atmospheric pressure: 96KPa ~ 103KPa
                5, the main purpose and scope
                Applicable to all kinds of transparent or opaque substances such as crude oil, petroleum products pour point / pour point test.