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                ZLSZ type digital voice recorder multiplex
                Product description
                ZLSZ type digital voice recorder (hereinafter referred to as the "recorder") is a new solid state digital voice recorder is my company in recent years development, obtain iron test and certification center of railway product certification, in 2013 the Certificate No.: CRCC10213P11014ROM-2.
                Digital voice recorder using advanced FPGA chip as the core processor, combined with the large scale integrated circuit, digital filtering to speech sampling, compression, encoding and storage, using recorded speech data SD card with large capacity, recording the sound clear, long recording time, low power consumption etc.. Can achieve 8 way voice while recording, and can be monitored in the recording or playback. According to user needs to configure eight channels or four channels, each channel of the recording time can be adjusted according to need. Using Chinese LCD display, man-machine interface is friendly, operation is convenient. It is also equipped with a telephone remote query interface and Ethernet interface, can be conducted by telephone remote query and play the recorded content, can also pass through the inquiry terminal or network management server for remote query and play the recorded content, remote download voice, remote monitoring equipment, remote monitoring and recording operation.
                The system adopts network management mode, supports the TCP/IP protocol, the client through the Ethernet connection (query terminal) and the network management server device. Inquiry terminal can carry out real-time monitoring on the recorder, remote query recorder recordings, remote downloading recorder recording data, recording data download can be queried and play in the inquiry terminal, a plurality of query terminal can be the same time query the same information, but does not affect the normal tape recorder. Network management server to remote management of recorder, recorder and set permissions, timing clock calibration on the recorder, real-time monitoring of uninterrupted on the recorder, and create log and alarm record, operation record.
                Product standards
                TB/T 3025-2008 "railway transportation communication digital voice recorder"
                GB/T 9813-2000 "microcomputer universal norms"